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Thanks so much to all of our supporters volunteering for Measure C.  Now, more than ever, we need to get the word out about Measure C and about the misleading campaign the opposition is conducting.

Below are ways that you can help.  
Saturday mornings at the Napa Farmers Market, 10am-Noon
Staff a table for  Measure C. You will partner with another volunteer from Yes on C. 

Sunday, April 22, 11am-4pm
Take a shift staffing the YES on C table at Napa's Earth Day Festival.

Sunday, April 29, 10am-Noon
Postcard Party!
  Write postcards to voters in retirement homes. Location: Email for details
Sunday, April 29, 1-5pm
Canvassing training and canvassing. Bring a water bottle--everything else will be supplied.  We are also phone banking and can use help with that. Contact Chris to sign up - Location: Email for details
Lawn signs
If you would like one, send Chris your address and we'll drop them off.  Don't forget to ask your family and friends if they can host a 'Yes on C' sign.

Letters to the Editor
Still needed.  Write from your heart about why we need to vote yes on Measure C and protect the trees in our watershed. Send letters to: - Sean Scully

Canines for C!
Take a picture of your dog (or cat--Cats for C!) with a Yes on C sign (lawn sign or hand-made) and post it on Facebook or Instagram.  Use #YESonC and #NapaCounty.  Tag the Measure C Facebook site @protectnapawatershed or tag the Instagram site @protectnapawatersheds. Spread the word!  Dogs and cats (and fish and birds) need water too!

Talk to everyone you see and tell them why you are supporting Measure C and how you feel about the opposition's campaign. THIS is the most important thing we can do! 

Contact Chris Benz at or (707)492-0089 to sign up.


Write A Letter.

One way to show your support is to write a Letter to the Editor about Measure C.
Letters to the editor and opinion pieces are very powerful advocacy tools.  The editorial section of a newspaper is widely read by the public.  In a letter to the editor or opinion piece, you can bring up information not addressed in a news article, and more importantly it can highlight for Napa County voters the widespread support for Yes on C.  

We are hoping to see letters in each of the papers listed below. The more letters each paper receives in favor of Measure C, the more they are likely to print. 

  • Napa Valley Register: Submit letters online. Letters should be 800 words max (shorter is better!).
  • St. Helena Star: Submit letters online. Letters should be 300 max.
  • Weekly Calistogan/American Canyon Eagle: Email, with the letter, your name, phone number, city, and which paper you’re submitting the letter for. Letters should be 800 words max (again, shorter is better!).
  • North Bay Bohemian: Email and include your name, phone number, city. Letters should be 250 words max.
  • San Francisco Chronicle: Submit letters online. Letters should be 200 words max.
  • Santa Rosa Press Democrat: Email and include your name, phone number and address. Letters should be 200 words max.
  • Vallejo Times-Herald: Email and include your name, phone number and address. Letters should be 200 words max.

Why do you support Measure C? Share your reasons, in your own words and from your heart.


  • Water is a limited resource. We must to protect the limited remaining oak woodlands to protect the quantity and quality of Napa County water supplies.
  • Measure C is good for agriculture. There is no wine without water. Protecting the quantity and quality of Napa’s water supply is the key to a long future for Napa wines.
  • Measure C is based on the best current science. The latest science demonstrates that setting buffer zones around streams and creeks is essential for protecting water quality and maximizing groundwater recharge.
  • Measure C builds on success. This initiative is a natural extension of Agricultural Preserve protections and Measures J and P.
  • Measure C is well written. The attorneys who drafted Measures J and P also wrote Measure C. Those initiatives have been easy to follow and enforce, and the same will be true of the protections provided by Measure C after it passes.


Thank you for all you are doing to protect Napa County’s water supplies by supporting Measure C!