Grower/Vintner Support for Measure C.

"Those of us who have come together now have a name – “Growers/Vintners for Responsible Agriculture” – as we want to communicate to the citizens of Napa County that there are many of us in the grower and vintner community who support this initiative. Our focus is on stewardship of our watershed, and we recognize that Measure C gives the voters of Napa County the opportunity to ensure that our watershed is protected now and into the future."

Napa League responds to letter about watershed initiative

Supported by the U.S. and California Leagues’ long-standing positions on protecting water resources and land conservation, including watersheds, the Napa County League voted to support Measure C, the Watershed and Oak Woodland Protection Initiative.


Initiative will preserve our water resources

Fortunately for all of us, a very responsible and respected group of our growers and vintners have stepped forward to praise and recommend a 'yes' vote for the Watershed initiative.